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Sensuous Soak Kit
May 24, 2009, 7:46 pm
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Vibrating Mistress
May 22, 2009, 12:00 pm
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DSCN0281 Meet the Vibrating Mistress by Vixen Creations. This dildo is made of 100% hygienically superior silicone and is therefore completely safe for your body. It can be boiled or cleaned with a bleach/water solution to provide sterilization. But enough about the boring facts.. I’m assuming you’d like to know whether or not I enjoyed this toy. Well, the answer is YES.

When my eyes met Mistress for the first time, I knew it was love. I layed back on my bed and took her in. She was a great partner on a particularly lonesome afternoon. The second time I brought her out to play, I was engaged in some serious telephone activities. I imagined her strapped on to my lover.. being thrust in and out, in and out of me. I thought about how incredibly sexy she would look sitting inside of the Jaguar harness. DSCN0285

The combination of my thoughts and the subtle (not overwhelming by any means) vibrations helped to get me off.. and soon, I removed the bullet vibe from the dildo and used it directly on my clit for more intense pleasure while still thrusting the dildo in and out.

Silicone. Check. Harness compatible. Check. Sexy. Check. What more could you ask for in a dildo? This is one awesome toy.

Vixen Creations’ Vibrating Mistress is both a great dildo and vibe.. and I’d definitely suggest trying it out for yourself. Click here and order one from Babeland today!


May 18, 2009, 6:43 pm
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product picture
Dildo by Tantus
Material: Silicone

The Boss
May 18, 2009, 6:22 pm
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(You can also find the Ellove vibrator that was mentioned here.)

Paul and Paulina
May 18, 2009, 2:45 pm
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Sex Toys | Green Sex Toys | Paul and Paulina

May 18, 2009, 12:10 pm
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Even though the Tantus ProTouch is marketed as a prostate massager, that doesn’t mean that fun can’t be had with the G-spot! It’s true, the ProTouch is much more than an anal toy.. and certainly not for guys only. When I saw the shape and contour of it online, I had to order it in spite of what it was.

Personally, I found the ProTouch to be a little bit too large for me in regards to anal play.. but it turned out to be a very good G-spot toy. The bullet vibe made a nice addition. The curve of the shaft provided a direct hit to my spot and helped me find my way to a G-spot orgasm. The small bump at the base of the shaft also gave a pleasureful sensation when thrusting in and out. This toy would be great for couples to share because it can be sterilized by boiling or by using a bleach/water mixture. I’d have to suggest trying this versatile toy out for yourself!


Sex Toys | Anal Sex Toys | ProTouch

Lipsmacking Lube
May 14, 2009, 9:49 pm
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Sliquid Swirl is water-based and water-soluble, hypoallergenic, as well as latex, rubber, and plastic friendly. It is non-toxic and non-staining and as the bottle says, “formulated to last longer than most Hollywood marriages”. Are you looking for an affordable, tasty lubricant that is both glycerin and paraben free? Sliquid Swirl has got you covered!

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