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Sexy Secret Agent.
November 13, 2008, 12:00 pm
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[by Sienna]

Agent Ansley walked slowly towards me, her mask giving away no sign as to what she was thinking. Her whip hung limp next to her, but didn’t look any less deadly. I inched back until I felt the cool wall behind my back, and swallowed waiting for the inevitable contact.

“Sienna, you know why I’m here for you…” Ansley looked at me her lips curving into a slight smile, “I’m going to enjoy this.” I nodded slightly, after all secretly sexy agents were there for one reason only – educate the masses, allowing them to have the most mind blowing orgasms.

Agent Ansley grabbed my hand and tugged me away from the wall. Turning me around she commanded, “Assume the position.” I spread my legs dutifully and stretched my fingertips out as high as I could. I felt Ansley’s soft hands caress my whole body, lightly over my arms and down my back. Then harder on my hips and squeezing my legs as she knelt behind me. I felt her brush the hem of my skirt, and soon felt her hot breath as her lips grazed my bare pussy. “Mmm you’ve obeyed the first rule of the sexy constitution. But you haven’t remembered everything, have you Sienna?”
I let out a low moan as her tongue stroked my clit stressing her point further. Ansley licked and sucked my pussy until I was dripping and shuddering, begging her not to stop. Then she was standing behind me. I heard her whip zip through the air, after the stinging sensation already abated slightly. “Zing, zing zing,” went the whip over and over until my cheeks were on fire.

Finally it stopped and I turned in time to see her lift her tight leather skirt, the jaguar gleaming underneath in the moonlight. It was perfect, black and mysteriously sexy. I felt a shiver all the way down my spine as I spotted the Leo harnessed into it. I slid to my knees, and Ansley held the dildo waiting as I flicked my tongue over it, and sucked it down getting it wet and slippery. I started bobbing my head faster when I felt her hand tighten on my shoulder.

I stood up, put my hands on the wall and arched my ass out to meet her cock. She slid it into me, fucking me slowly in time with the dull bass pouring out of the nearby club. I gasped as she grabbed my hips, ploughing into me harder and harder, the music escalating in sync with her strokes. My face brushed the wall and I hugged what I could reach, arching fully and rising onto my toes. I could feel the soft leather of the Jaguar hitting my bare swollen cheeks and cried out loudly as I felt my orgasm rock my body all the way to my stilettos. Ansley showed no mercy, stopping only to flip me around, shoving my back into the wall. She clutched at my leg and I instinctively wrapped it around her waist. As she slammed her cock into me over and over again I grabbed her hair bringing her mouth to mine. I felt the searing heat as our tongues met. We kissed passionately as she fucked me hard. Both of us were gasping and trembling, struggling to hold each other as we climbed toward our orgasms.

“I’m going to cum,” she gasped. I slid my hand down between us and started rubbing her clit hard in little circles. Ansley arched into me, her body moulding against mine as we held each other tightly. Our screams drowned the bass and we collapsed onto the slick pavement. Lazily, I slid my body out from beneath her and licked every inch of her cock clean. Then I bent down and took her clit in my mouth, tasting our combined juices. I sucked gently, letting my tongue flick over her lips and down to her ass.

I looked up at Ansley and raised my eyebrows. “Well now you’ve been initiated into the secretly sexy agents you have the right to bring anyone to orgasm. Anything you say and do might bring someone to their knees….”

I laughed seductively and began to unbuckle the harness. “Well let me show you a few tricks of my own.”

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