always ansley

November 12, 2008, 12:00 pm
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[by Thursday’s Child]

There is something forbidden about a gangbang, something primal hidden from society’s prying eyes where the daily niceties no longer apply. There is a dangerous sexuality in the air that threatens to choke me, a dangerous undercurrent running throughout with a hint of violence scattered throughout like an unwanted promise. The air is choked with arousal, the scent of the men, their sweat, their sex, and their impatience. I feel so naked among them, like a deer among wolves. There is something predatory in the way they look at me, the way they move towards their targets, cocks heavy, hard and ready, precum already dripping and pooling on their tips.

I am surrounded by naked men. To my left, a well hung black man fists his cock, his mouth slightly open as he watches the festivities, impatiently waiting his turn. I can only imagine what his cock would feel like inside me, hard and demanding, taking its pleasure from me as though I was only a vessel for his enjoyment. To my right, another man, exotic looks, dark hair, and a long thin cock, so hard and bursting with veins that it must ache. So many different cocks, different sizes and shapes, textures, all filled to bursting with thick white cum, all so eager, so impatient to shoot their load in a willing hole.

The men groan, deep in their throats, hands never stilling on their hard cocks as they watch the action and await their turn. They are, for the most part, silent, the only sounds in the rooms are sounds of flesh slapping against flesh, of guttural moans, of grunts and reined in roars of satisfaction.

And I wait among them, waiting for my turn, eyes locked onto her delicate figure bound in the center of the room, listening to her moans and whimpers, her little cries of pleasure. I stroke my cock, all seven inches of thick purple pleasure, rubbing the lubricant up and down the thick shaft, up and over the flare of the fat head. Each stroke rubs the base against my swollen clit, tucked beneath the leather of the Jaguar harness that I wear. My engorged lips swell with my juices, my scent added to the smell of sex, heavy in the room, and my nipples are hard in the chill air crowning sensitive breasts made heavy with desire. I cannot wait my turn, but I also cannot help but to imagine what it would be like to trade places with her, if those were my pale breasts crowned with hard tight nipple rising into the air as my back arched with each orgasm. I watch as one man uses her mouth, another, her pussy, and yet another her ass – hot little Ansley covered with cum and sweat and then it is my turn, my turn to choose a hole, to fuck her until we both cum, then to withdraw to make room for the next cock.

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