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Whispers and Wax.
November 11, 2008, 12:00 pm
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[by Billy H]

I walked in the door and could hear the shower running. Not wanting to disturb you, I headed to the bedroom. I found the jaguar harness. The supple black leather was gorgeous in the moonlight. I quickly hurried through the drawers. I found a piece of black silk, smooth as your skin, that would make a perfect blind fold. I found your goodfella dildo, hidden behind your black lace panties. I lit a candle, dimmed the lights, and went to the bathroom to find you.


I could see your breasts glistening, the moon light from the window outlining you. The water was running down the small of your back. I could feel myself getting wet just watching you. I carefully undressed and slipped in with you. My mouth found the depression between your clavicle and your neck and bit you gently. I was met with your moan and I only wanted to please you.


I pressed you into the cold hard tile kissing your neck, your breasts. Your mouth and mine became one and both of our breaths became hot and rapid. I slipped my hand down and quickly found your clit. I swirled my finger in a figure eight motion as I twirled my tongue around your nipple and gently tugged your hair. I whispered in your ear that I had a surprise waiting for you in the bedroom. You simply smiled.


I led you, wordless, to the bedroom. I pushed you down onto the bed, gently, but with intent. I leaned down between your thighs, kissing along with your moans. I dug my nails into your hips in the same instant my tongue hit your clit. I swirled it around, gently sucked, and teased you into oblivion. Once I knew that you were completely turned on, I stopped, came toward your mouth and kissed you. While you were lost, making out with me, I gently placed the cuffs on your wrist and blindfolded you.


I poured some of the wax from the candle onto your stomach. I gently bit your nipple and soon you were begging me to fuck you. I gently eased a finger, then two, into your anxiously awaiting body. I could feel how wet you were, squeezing onto me. I had slipped on the harness and gently guided the goodfella into you. You moaned as you tugged against the cuffs. I slowly built my speed up, thrusting into you. Your hips met every one of my thrusts, and soon you were screaming with pleasure. You came again and again until your gasping body collapsed on the bed.


I untied you, kissed you gently, and we fell asleep. Both, completely satisfied.

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Billy H also happens to be Bucking Bill. 🙂 He’s such a dork he probably forgot to put that. 🙂

Comment by Beautiful Dreamer

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