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And She Does.
November 10, 2008, 12:00 pm
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[by Sinclair Sexsmith]


She was wearing it when I got there.

Ansley. Her apartment.

The jaguar.

I can tell she had it on under her jeans. It is her favorite harness, she’d been talking it up.

“Let’s see it,” before I even say hello. She gets shy, flustered, her hostess narrative interrupted.

I keep my eyes on her hard. She knows I am serious, and she slides her jeans off her hips in the middle of her living room, not looking at me deliberately.

I walk around her like she is up for auction. I let my fingers brush along its fine leather, pretty silver buckles. I slip two fingers through the hole and pull on it.

“Got a cock for this?”

She nods. Hair falling in her face, still looking away from me.

“Go get it.”

She does. Fingers to her mouth and covering her chest.

She rummages a moment in her room. I lean back on the couch. She returns with a nice one – thick and short – clutched in her fist.

“Nice.” I say. She stands before me, not sure what she should do. Sit? Hand the cock to me?

“Put it on.” I say. She’s quiet as she slips it through the hole in the harness.

I murmur approval as she stands, cock thrusting from her hips. She shifts her weight from foot to foot.

“Let go of it.”

She does, and doesn’t know what to do with her hands.

“Take your shirt off.”

Lifting it over her head she reveals a black lacy bra, showing off the curves of her breasts. Elegant. The lace is lovely with the leather of the jaguar. She reaches behind her as if to remove it, too.

“No – leave it. Sit there.” I nod to the comfy chair behind her and she tentatively perches on the edge.

She’s not sure she likes this game, yet. She wasn’t planning on it going down this way.

I get up, take the two steps over to her. I push at her ankles and stand between her legs, then put one hand on either arm of the chair and move in close to her. She has no choice but to lean back.

Our faces are close. Mouths, cheeks. I can feel her breath. I watch her face change, watch her consider her arms around my shoulders, legs around my hips, reaching up to kiss me. Her mouth is red, eyes soft and pooled, sweet. She doesn’t move.

“I’m not going to do anything,” I say quietly, mouth close to her jaw, her neck, hovering my body over hers. “You’ve got a girl. But you like this, don’t you? Don’t you.”

She nods, eyes wide, mouth closed. It makes my dick twitch.

“So you’re going to put on a little show for me. I’m going to watch you jack that cock like it’s mine. You can do that, right?”

Her body shudders and her hand instinctively goes to the cock she’s strapped. The girth of it solid in her palm.


I don’t wait for her to reply. I stand and withdraw and she’s left with an empty space where she was just getting used to my presence. I return to the couch and position myself exactly across from her; legs spread, hard cock visible in my tight jeans, arms folded over my chest, thumb to my lower lip.


“Go on,” I say. “Close your fist around it. Slow.”


And she does.

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Oh, I like this, Sin.. nice dramatic build up and then leaving the rest to our imagination.

This is fun, seeing how different writers respond to the same prompt. Like a virtual writers group exercise. Thanks for the opporunity, Ansley.

Comment by kyle

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