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I’m A Sexy Dork.
October 10, 2008, 9:00 am
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This past week, Jiz Lee’s contest provoked me to finally come out of the Sexy Dork Closet. I mean, I’m super awkard. I may not seem it on here.. but I AM. [I’m sure you have your dorky moments, too!] Here is the story I shared:

Last Friday, my girlfriend and I made a lesbian pilgrimage to see Tegan and Sara at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia. I’d already seen them four times before, and she had already seen them several, as well.. but this was the first time we were seeing them together. At one point, they played two of their “songs about true love”, as Sara put it, and I was trying to be romantic with my arms around her standing infront of me. My hands were curious. They unravelled and one found itself in the front of her jeans. I struggled to *unnoticeably* make my way past her actual panties, and succeeded.. for the most part. After a few seconds of my fingertips massaging what I assumed was her clit without any sort of response, I put my mouth to her ear and asked: “Am I even in the ballpark?” We both had a good laugh about this. I decided to keep my hands out of her pants for the rest of the concert and instead stuck my fingers in her belt loops.

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I find it strangely comforting that a lesbian has cute little oops like this. I don’t feel so alone when I’m pleasuring my male partner and feel completely clueless! I don’t mean this negatively in any way. You & your girlfriend seem to have a great thing going! 🙂

Comment by Dj

I’m usually right on target, too! It was just a really weird/awkward position.. haha. Lameee. ❤

Comment by ansleyagnello

Well damn. Neither of us won.

Could have gotten a pure wand…

Comment by Erin Leone

Son of a bitch. I want a Pure Wand SO bad. Soon..

Comment by ansleyagnello

Sorry that both your posts didn’t win — I loved them, by the way. It was SO hard to pick! But hey, I want to do another contest soon. Lots of chances to get that pure wand. ; )

Comment by Jiz Lee

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