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It’s Due Time
March 29, 2012, 7:36 pm
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It's Due Time

I found this on tumblr.
And I certainly agree.

Taste of Your Teeth
March 26, 2012, 9:24 pm
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got me tossing back shots of whiskey shots
of scotch trying
to get back
to the taste
of your
i’m waxing alcoholic, trying
to get back to the smell
of your mouth
breathe it into my face
like a kind of masturbation

Michelle Tea (from “We Could Be Soulmates”)

March 25, 2012, 10:49 pm
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This is the first knot-based harness I’ve ever tied.

It would have been much more elaborate if

it weren’t on my own body.

I like a challenge.


At My Throat
March 25, 2012, 12:55 am
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i must confess
i live
for this exquisite
rushing like coffee
through all my body’s
the luxury
of your hands
at my throat
before sleep.

Michelle Tea (from “The Beautiful”)

What You Want
March 21, 2012, 7:50 pm
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The bar is dark. I begin to appreciate the minor details after three drinks. And she has been stealing glances. Every single movement is deliberate. By five or six, I meet her stare.

My body is pressed between hers and the wall, her hand wrapped tightly around my delicate throat. I am only speaking in vowels, short gasps escaping from my slightly parted lips. The room downstairs is crowded, but darker. Much darker. The light above the pool table glows and all the noise of the game underscores the thrill of our unexpected encounter.

And just when her grip loosens, and she begins to turn away from me, I take her by the arm and force her back against the wall where I had been trapped. Dizzy from the choke and the whiskey still strong and sweet on my breath, I lean into her, hard. In that very moment, it all becomes tangible. The dull ache I had been carrying inside of myself since the last time we had spoken; I can feel it begin to well up inside of me to the point where I swear that the room is about to explode around us, but we stand there and we continue our wanting, unaware. To hell with all reason and with being respectful. This did not have to make sense, we did not have to make sense.

I close my eyes and I can feel her everywhere, a tiny burst of electricity in each touch. My hands are on her belt, they are tugging at her zipper. They become frantic and insatiable. I can feel the very familiar urgency, the need to be inside of her. And then I am, fingertips teasing her, thighs already warm and soaking wet spread farther apart and are beckoning me even closer. Her back arches and falls flat against the wall as she bucks her hips back and forth, begging to be fucked harder, deeper. Her knees are weak, I can feel her body shaking underneath my own. My mouth is on hers, I bite down on her bottom lip. I crave her.

Feeling her come close, I withdraw myself. Take a step back.

“Is this what you want?” It was a simple question.

“Yes.” With a simple answer.

She takes a fistful of my long, brown hair, and she pulls me back into her.